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Ready to Supercharge Your Fertility, But Don’t Know Where to Start?

I get it because I’ve been there! 

When I made the decision to come off of hormonal birth control after 15 years, I experienced what could only be described as Post Birth Control Syndrome. Symptoms I had never experienced – gas, bloating, rosacea, acne, mood swings, irritability – were ever present and quite disruptive to my life. The kicker? I had fully prepared my body, or so I thought, to come off. In the months prior to actually having my IUD removed, I poured myself into Functional Medicine, taking advanced courses, reading books, listening to podcasts non-stop. I thought I had a great plan in place. But, unfortunately, the symptoms were still there. This caused me to dive even deeper.

Over the next few months I created this space and began my journey toward healing. I ordered functional medicine labs (hormone, nutrient, gut health, food sensitivity) and took courses in Functional Nutrition and Advanced Fertility. I implemented as I went along and, guess what? I healed. I felt better than ever! And, best of all, when we were ready to get pregnant, I was pregnant within three cycles, NATURALLY.

I now have the honor and privilege to work with women in similar situations as I found myself in – struggling with fertility due to hormone or other health imbalances. I have the joy of watching them implement the proven strategies we discuss to heal and become pregnant themselves – what a beautiful gift!

So, if this story resonates with you, please know you are not alone! And, if you have no idea where to start to get the same results – Ask. For. Help! I would love to have you inside my 1:1 Fierce Fertility Blueprint.

1:1 Fierce Fertility Blueprint

Fed up with the overwhelm, struggle and BS that surrounds getting pregnant? Know you need to make some changes to improve your chances of pregnancy, but not sure where to start? Feeling broken, sad, angry and confused about why it isn’t happening for you? You likely just need support and guidance from someone who’s been there herself, and has helped many other women heal their hormones & supercharge their fertility. This is your sign to seek help!
More Details
  • 12 weeks of customized 1:1 coaching support
  • 8 educational modules proven to balance hormones + optimize fertility
  • Unlimited text access for real-time guidance + support
  • Access to high-quality supplements at discounted prices
  • Personalized healing + optimizing protocol
  • Functional lab recommendations

Functional Lab Testing

Curious about your nutrient status or hormone levels, but unable to talk your physician into ordering testing? I’ve been there! I sought out my own testing and now am so happy to offer these mini packages to you! Click the link to learn more.

More Details

Current available testing packages:

  • Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis
  • Comprehensive Hormone Analysis
  • Insulin Resistance Evaluation
  • Inflammatory Markers
  • Gut Health Evaluation


How It Works

1:1 Coaching Sessions

We work together to SUPERCHARGE your fertility. Consultations are conducted virtually, from anywhere in the world. No more waiting in waiting rooms! Coaching Sessions are via Zoom in a private 1:1 setting. You will also have unlimited email and/or text access for any questions or concerns that come up between our scheduled visits. 

Specialized Testing

I utilize specialized functional medicine testing to dig deep into your current state of health. This can include blood, stool, urine and/or saliva collection from the comfort of your home. During your initial consultation, we will discuss which tests you would most benefit from and get them ordered for you. Don’t worry – we’ll also discuss specific steps for collection and schedule any needed phlebotomy appointments.

Personalized Protocols

I will create a personalized protocol for you to follow that includes nutrition and supplement recommendations based off of your specialized testing results, preferences, history and goals. I will also include information and education on nutrition, movement, sleep, detox + elimination, stress management, mindset and decreasing your toxic load. My goal is to equip you with the tools necessary to be successful both during our time together and far after.