fertility prep package

be proactive with your fertility

When you’ve made the decision to start trying to conceive, all of the advice out there can be really overwhelming. On top of that, your physician may dismiss any concerns you have about your ability to conceive, what your hormone levels look like, or if you may have any roadblocks until you’ve been trying for 6 months to 1 year. No, thank you! It is possible to take your fertility into your own hands, uncover any imbalances and correct them naturally. I’m here to show you how!

This is the program for you if:

You’re getting more comfortable with the idea of trying to get pregnant within the next 3-6 months and want to optimize your hormones.

You’re suffering from heavy, irregular and/or painful periods and are concerned it may be challenging to get pregnant.

You struggle with tracking your cycle every month.

You’re not really sure the best time to get busy with your partner (you can’t effectively identify ovulation).

You’ve been trying for a few months with no luck and want answers NOW, but your physician won’t order testing!

You’ve decided to move forward with IUI/IVF and want advice on how to optimize your egg/sperm quality naturally.

You’ve decided to try for another baby and want to make sure things are in balance.

You are into health and wellness and are curious if you have any imbalances to work on, optimizing fertility is an added bonus.


Hi, I’m Megan

A Women’s Health NP turned health consultant. I help women suffering from hormonal imbalances reset and recover. I understand because I have been in your shoes! I suffered from my own imbalances after coming off of hormonal birth control. I took my health in my own hands when I couldn’t get the answers I needed from my own physicians. The good news is – I healed my hormones, optimized my fertility naturally and had my first baby boy in March 2022! Now I’m here to help you do the same with my Fertility Prep Package. This is the perfect plan for a personalized jumpstart your unique hormone healing journey. Let’s fire up that fertility!

How did you do it?

Honestly, it was a lot of trial and error for me over the years to learn what works and what doesn’t. Lucky for you – you’re getting all of the good stuff. I took all of my personal and educational experience, bundled it up and created the Fertility Prep Package to equip you with the information AND tools you need to optimize your own fertility. My tried and true methods to rebalancing hormones are delivered to you in bite sized, easy to understand and implement handouts.

Will this work for me?

There is nothing included in this program that you can not handle. There are no crazy diets and no crazy recommended products. It simply requires commitment and dedication. If you commit to yourself and are consistent, this program will be just what you need to jumpstart your hormone healing journey. Plus, I will be with you the entire way to provide support and cheer you on. You’ve got this, girl!!

“I started working with Megan right at the start of the year and did a hormone reset with her, including a 21-day elimination diet. I loved that she helped me get testing that set me up for a process that was individualized to MY needs, and she took the time to make sure I understood the results and what they meant for my process. I’m now through the reintroduction phase and my face is clearer than it has been since I was on the pill, I feel better than I can remember ever feeling since I was 20, and I lost 9 pounds to boot! I feel like I have a better understanding of my body, its needs, and how to start building a life to be the healthiest version of myself.”


“After a short pity party about giving up a few things, I started my diet to eliminate the items that I had reactions to. One thing I can say for sure – I am no longer afraid of failing – I have Megan to guide me. Fear of failure is always higher if you’re not working on the problem. Highly recommend!”


OK! I need this. give me the details!

The Fertility Prep Package includes:
– DUTCH Complete hormone testing – looks at estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin, cortisol, plus more ($499 value)
– 60 minute, in depth consultation to discuss symptoms, what you’ve tried in the past, medical history, goals, medications/supplements, current nutritional status, exercise patterns and so much more ($150 value)
– 60 minute results call where we will discuss your test results and personalized plan going forward ($150 value)
– Personalized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocol based on results ($200 value)

Copy of DUTCH results and personalized plan in PDF format

– Ditch the Toxins guide (helpful tips and tricks for non-toxic living to decrease your exposure to chemicals that negatively affect your hormones)
– 14 day guide to safe liver detox which is SO important for optimal hormone balance ($50 value)
– Gut Healing Protocol ($50 value)
– Fertility boosting recipes and meal prep tips and tricks ($50 value)
– Unlimited email and WhatsApp support for the duration with me, M-F with 24 hour response time
РAccess to specialized testing, if needed (*additional cost) 

РAccess to my personal online dispensary with 15% off of pharmaceutical grade supplements